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My Porn Star Wife!©

MPSW 111923.jpg

A conservative Christian radio personality discovers his new fiancé is a porn star and he soon learns the girl of his dreams could be the bride from hell.

3-2-1 Hemlock Court©


A psychotherapist whose clients 

keep committing suicide decides to counsel future clients to end their lives. His patients find extraordinary reasons to live making his "The Hemlock Maneuver" a worldwide phenomenon.

The Movie Star
Next Door©

The Movie Star Next Door.png

A radio executives rises to the top of his industry and at the height of it all, he just walks away. He then pursues a lifelong dream of being an actor.

Who's Your Uncle?©

WHOS your uncle.png

A small-town club DJ with a

bizarre sense of humor and the ability

to write novelty songs creates a terrible radio show to save his bankrupt dance club. He creates the #1 radio show in

the big city and the #1 song

in the country.

This is Tud!©


The Wrong Stuff©


An autistic teenage boy is angry

when his stuffed bear comes to life

and causes him big trouble. The bear's obsession with Maple Leaf Cookies leads to an intergalactic run-in with Zorb, the Over Lord of all that is Whistle Pig.

Five best friends formed the biggest

boy band of the 1980s and separated at their height vowing to never play together again. Years later the down on his luck lead singer tries to get them back together to reclaim their

place on top.

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