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About me...
Producer  Actor  Director  Writer 

So, you really want to know all about me? 


In February 2015, after 32 years in radio I was at the height of my success, the apex, I could see the summit and was about to reach it!  My skills were so finely tuned that I was 34 for 34 in radio reclamation projects, never missing an objective, ever, regardless of the difficulty. 


Rewards were being showered on me from every direction!  High six-figure salaries, huge cash bonuses, awards for top sales performance, manager of the year awards, station of the year programming awards, and opportunity to go to the next level despite not having a college degree.    


34 disastrous radio stations all losing millions and millions of dollars when I got there, and I quickly turned them into record setting revenue powerhouses every single time!  My teams beat everyone and never lost.  The competition, the other stations in our own company, the analyst's expectations, the stockholder’s expectations, there was simply no goal we could not reach.  We outperformed everyone, everything in every market regardless of the format, ratings, or the economy. 


Sounds amazing, I was living the dream, but the funny thing was, I really, really, really hated going to work every day!  I was caught up in the everyday definition of management, a series of interruptions interrupted by more interruptions.  I was not designing the LIFE that I wanted to live so....


At the height of it all, I just got up and walked away… 


I write, produce, direct, and star in my own independent films as myself, Hugh McPherson, as a character, or as The Movie Star Next Door!

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